Vishing (Voice Phishing) is a form a fraud that tries to get your personal information through phone calls.

You may receive a phone call in which the caller will claim to be from a financial institution that needs your personal information. Sometimes the call will be an automated recording requesting personal information, and other times it may be a live caller. Similar to a Phishing scam, the caller tries to scare you into giving personal information. They will often claim that your accounts are suspended, that your payments are overdue and other similar claims that are made to scare you and cause you to act without thinking.

These phone scams are seeking your personal information such as credit card numbers, Personal Identification Numbers (PINs), bank account numbers, Social Security Numbers and other confidential information that fraudsters will use illegally.

It is very important to remember that Arizona State Credit Union never asks for personal information by phone or through email.

Do not give out any information over the phone to unknown callers. Instead, contact your financial institution or credit card company directly to verify the validity of the message.