Switch Kit Resource Center

We have organized a simple Switch Kit to help you transfer money from other financial institutions to Arizona State Credit Union. Follow these three easy steps to make your switch:

Step 1 - Open your new Arizona State Credit Union Account

A new account in no time.

It only takes a few minutes to open a new account online or by visiting one of our many convenient branch locations.

Step 2 - Transfer Automatic Transactions

Get direct deposit for your paycheck.
Direct Deposit Change Notice*- Use this form to notify your employer (or other source) to begin placing deposits in your new checking account. Include a voided check so your employer can confirm your account and routing numbers.

Change your automatic withdrawals.
Automatic Withdrawal Change Notice - Use this form to contact any organization that you have authorized to make automatic withdrawals and let them know you've switched to Arizona State Credit Union. You will need to include a voided check.

Step 3 - Close Your Old Account.

Tell your old financial institution you have a new state of mind.
Account Closure Request - Use this form to request a check for any remaining balance and close your old account at the same time. Just make sure all of your old checks have cleared first.

Destroy your old checks and your old ATM card. You're done!

*The forms we are providing you are generic. An employer/merchant may require a separate form or other documentation.

NOTE: For your convenience, the forms available for download on this page have been created so you may input all required information before printing them. If you would like to view all three forms at once, click here.

Questions? Give us a call at 800.671.1098 or visit your local Arizona State Credit Union branch.

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