Reporting Fraud

If you suspect someone has important personal information about you that may be used for identity theft/fraud, call us at (800)-671-1098. Please visit the Contact Us section for additional information.

You can also contact any of the three consumer reporting companies regarding concerns about identity theft/fraud at:


To file an online complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, or phone the FTC at 1-877-ID-THEFT (877-438-4338).

Special Measures for Phishing Email Scams

In addition to alerting the Credit Union and the agencies listed above, you can take additional steps to stop the illegal use of your information.


Change Your Internet Banking Password

Enter Internet Banking and select "User Options" from the menu bar at the top of the page. Then select "Change Password." Follow the instructions provided to change your password.


Report Credit and Debit Cards as lost or stolen

If you provided any card information, call the Credit Union at 1(800) 671-1098. During non-business hours, select the phone menu option to report a lost or stolen card.

If you have not responded to the Phishing Scam Email, your account and personal information remain secure.


You Can Help

We greatly appreciate both members and non-members who report phishing scams to us. In doing so, you are playing an important role in fighting fraud.

Following the instructions below helps us speed the process of removing a fraudulent site as soon as possible.


We appreciate your help and value your assistance in fighting fraudsters and scam artists.

  1. From your email program, use the FORWARD function to forward the complete email message. It is important that you forward the original message rather than copying and pasting it into a new message or sending it as plain text. The most important piece of information is the underlying link and it is usually lost if you copy and paste.
  2. Send the email to by typing the word "questions" followed by an "@" sign followed by "" in the "To" field and clicking on send.