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Merchant Services

We offer bankcard processing through Total Merchant Concepts, Inc., so your business can accept credit cards. Visit your local branch to set up this service today or call toll-free (888) 249-9919.

  • Increase customer convenience and satisfaction
  • Increase sales
  • Fast, reliable transactions

Tax Payment

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System-Direct lets businesses report their tax information by phone, Internet or EFTPS software. Connect with EFTPS for further information.

Coin / Currency Needs

Please talk with your branch representative to determine the availability of this service at your location.

Depository Drops

Depository Drops are available at each branch with limitations. The drops are set up to accept standard sized envelopes (available at the branches). Deposits are limited to checks only; we currently do not provide bags for large deposits.

Payroll Services

Save both your business and employees time. Payroll services allow you to direct deposit employee paychecks, offer affordable tax solutions and activity reports. Many communities have a variety of providers for this service, including bookkeeping and accounting firms. The following web site locations for two nationally recognized providers:

Wire Transfer

When your business needs to move money around in a hurry, this service is available at our branches.

  • Recognized and accepted worldwide
  • Facilitates timely transactions

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